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Want your music career to take off, but you just don’t know where to start? You have a specific question about media law, mixing or would like to get your stage fright under control? And how does good self-promotion that you feel comfortable with actually work? Do you have questions about funding and financing your music or are you in desperate need of guidance counseling?

Our expert pool offers you answers to all these questions from our experts! In addition, many more topics are covered here.

In a 1:1 conversation (online, by phone, in person), you can blurt out everything you want to know without false modesty.

The POP Office’s Expert Pool is aimed at people from the state of Bremen. In order to use the service, you must live in Bremen or Bremerhaven.

These experts are at your disposal:

Communication, management and music. Carolin Schwarz combines music with business. The marketing communications graduate works simultaneously on projects in the...
Branding, Management, Networking, PR+Marketing
As a singer and lyricist, Goldy.mp3 is ready to help you with songwriting and production. Goldy.mp3 helps you get to...
Lyrics, Mental Health, Songwriting+Composition, Stress/anxiety/mood lows
MiM – Mental Health in Music – was founded in early 2020 by psychologists and musicians Anne Löhr, Franziska Lauter...
Mental Health, Psychological counseling, Social Media, Stage Fright, Stress/anxiety/mood lows
Henrik Paro has been making music himself since the age of 16 and currently plays in various bands. While studying...
Artwork, Branding, Ideation, Musik Videos, Social Media
Tine Theurich has been (happily) self-employed since 2013, first in music PR, then from 2016 with her own company SUPERUNKNOWN....
Branding, Community Building, Social Media

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