We start with a new format!

POPup MEETups are regular networking events for musicians, bands, DJs and music creators in changing locations.
Here you can network with experts from the fields of music, media and tech with knowledge and attitude.

Each MEETup we invite you to a specific topic that will serve as a framework and basis for discussion. After a keynote speech, all speakers will spread out on topic tables, where you will have the opportunity to clarify personal questions directly on the spot. Got it?

In the first POPup MEETup we would like to give you an overview of the topic “Online Marketing”. We meet on 10.05. from 05:00 pm at Falstaff in Bremen-Neustadt!


This is how you register:
Just send an email to info@popofficebremen.de with the subject “Registration POPup MEETup No. 1”.
Participation is free and there will be free drinks for registered participants!


Our speakers are:
Tine Theurich from Berlin, Carolin Schwarz from Hamburg and Katja Raasch from Hamburg.

First, we’ll give you an overview of digital communication for artists. Later you can join our experts at the table. Here you can clarify technical questions and network. Learn how smart and authentic self-PR works to land and stay top of mind in digital media. You’ll also learn how to use your social media channels wisely.

About Tine Theurich:

Tine Theurich has been (happily) working independently since 2013, first in music PR, then from 2016 with her own company SUPERUNKNOWN. Here, together with her team, she helps professional musicians, companies and brands to build a consistent connection with their audience and to develop individual and actionable communication for them in the digital space.

Driven by her independent spirit, Tine is particularly interested in sensitizing musicians to work with their own community. Their mediated communication strategies are therefore often aimed at intensifying the bond with their own fan base. Fittingly, she is a strong advocate for sustainable crowdfunding models that provide artists with a stable income over the long term.

In addition, Tine is also committed to the issues of sustainability and climate justice within the music industry.

About Carolin Schwarz:

Communication, management and music. Carolin Schwarz combines music with business. The marketing communications graduate works simultaneously on projects in the culture, music and IT industries. She has been demonstrating her ability to turn lyrics into good stories in her online magazine MUSICSPOTS since 2014.

In close cooperation with labels, agencies, artists and management she refines the content of promotions, press releases and websites with her expert knowledge. This is how communication strategies beyond their own social media channels are created, which, thanks to their lyrics, are just as inspiring as the music they tell about.

About Katja Raasch:

Katja Raasch is an experienced consultant, persuasive strategist and motivating trainer for social media marketing and classic online marketing. She specializes in effective and customized online and social media marketing.

Katja can tell you about her experiences as online manager and social media manager for Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Stoppok, Wohnraumhelden and Kürsche. She herself is also a musician in a band and therefore knows from her own experience which tools to use.

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