POPup MEETup No.2

On Sat., 19.08.23 from 5:00 pm (until about 9:00 pm) our event series “POPup MEETup” goes into the second round. The event will have the focus “DIY in the music scene”. There will be a panel talk with great guests from the DIY scene and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions to the professionals. The whole thing will take place in the Bremer Viertel. The event is free of charge!

In today’s music industry, more than ever, musicians have the opportunity to do everything themselves. The music can be uploaded and marketed via platforms such as YouTube, Bandcamp or Spotify itself. The artist picture is shot with the cell phone, a logo is quickly created in Photoshop, the merch can be easily ordered online and ChatGPT writes the promo text for the next tour. All of this makes artists more self-sufficient than ever, but also presents new challenges. With all these tasks, is there enough time left for music at all? Do we still need labels and agencies these days? What can musicians really do effectively on their own and where should they seek help? Where can DIY help with professionalization and monetization?

Experienced musicians who have managed to professionalize themselves via DIY and industry experts will discuss these topics in a panel and take questions from the participants afterwards.

The event is free of charge, those who wish to register should do so promptly, places are limited. Registration is easy by sending an email to info@popofficebremen.de. Please enter “Registration POPup MEETup No.2” as subject and include your real name and artist name (if available) in the mail. We are looking forward to you.


Date: Sat., 19.08.23, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Lift, Weberstr. 18, 28203 Bremen

Registration: via Mail at info@popofficebremen.de

Speaker:innen: tba

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